About The Company

Pastificio Leo comes from an experience born 16 years ago.

Since the very beginning we paid attention to details, to the care of the quality, the colors, that each time had to be at the base of each pasta format.
We put in our pasta all the flavors of our land, all our experience formed over the years through which we have created new shapes and adapting the tastes and colors to the most demanding palates that this sector asked us. We travelled a lot looking for hints of ideas.


We shared with our customers and employees the passion for our multicolored pasta, we were the pioneers of our products.

Pastificio Leo offers today the best you can possibly desire. A multicolored handmade pasta dried as our ancestors use to do, with a slow process and refined, a extruded pasta with bronze dies, that makes pasta delicious forming a unique blends with condiments...

We work hard every day to satisfy our customers in the best possible way.

We are here to serve you with humility, experience, professionalism.

We are at the forefront in the processes of marketing, ideas and desires to be attentive to market changes and new requirements of our customers.
We represent the ancient and the modern in a unique symbiosis.

We have a multilanguage staff.

We can satisfy your every need and commercial collaborations, professional experience gained over the years,
perseverance, desire to change led Pastificio Leo in the high market for specialty pasta.